Top places to visit in Iceland

In this article, I am going to list out the top places to visit in Iceland. Traveling is going to become an ever-wanting activity, after months of enduring lockdown and restriction to your movement. Dust your passport and reach out to your travel agent or better still dig through travel sites, get your plane ticket and prepare for your flight because destination Iceland is calling on you for the most exciting trip.

Iceland popularity on travel sites and with travel agencies stem from its attractive tour packages which have left tourist and visitors leaving with adventurous and exciting memories. with places like the Blue Lagoon Iceland and Golden circle Iceland. Iceland tourism level is state of the art, with a relaxing atmosphere for tourists. Iceland is special because of its nature. It´s magnificent and beautiful nature.

You would see everything from volcanoes to geysers. Icelandic nature is so beautiful and very diverse and that it has inspired people for years. If you would like to see and enjoy Iceland in all its glory you should check out some of these places.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Top places to visit in Iceland

If you are checking for the best places to visit in the world, trust me when I tell you, you need to include a trip to the Blue Lagoon Iceland. Of course, It being one the most popular and visited destinations in Iceland surely makes it a tourist attraction but there’s more. 

Located in a lava field close to Grindavik in front of Mount porborn on the Reyjanes Peninsula in southwestern Iceland, we have The Ever popular and beautiful geothermal spa famously known as Blue Lagoon. I know you have so many questions, well not to worry, I am here to ease off that anxiety of racking your heads in preparation for the best relaxation trips and vacation, at the Blue Lagoon.

How Blue Lagoon Was Created

Blue Lagoon is a man-made lagoon that was accidentally created by a release of gas from a geothermal power plant in Svartsengi which liquified into the water.

The large water body was supposedly thought to disappear into the lava field and then into the earth but instead of passing through a permeable lava field the lower portion of the already made mixture of the condensed gas released from the geothermal factory and water, began to solidify and expand making it watertight and unable to pass through the lava field, birthing the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon later became a place of scientific discovery after its very lucky and profitable mistake by the geothermal plant workers working at the time of the accident. Its healing properties were noticed by residents who bathed with the water, really bold of them, I must say and their boldness earned us a beautiful location and a great skincare routine and them an increase in their economy.

What are the mystery of these blue colouration in the water and the infamous name “blue lagoon”?

The Blue Lagoon is made up of a very high concentration of Silica which is responsible for the blue colouration. It also has an increasing number of Algae and other minerals such as sulfur which have proven to have certain healing properties. Introducing a trip for relaxation and healing all in one! Isn’t that amazing? It sure is.

Why is The blue Lagoon So interesting

Blue lagoon is home to various relaxation specialties, from a mask bar for you to enjoy the cleansing and revitalizing powers of silica and algae to the sauna & steam room that draws its warmth of heat directly from the earth to an amazing in-water bar where you get to enjoy any drink of your choice and this is included in your ticket.                                                                                                                                With about 15 minutes’ drive from the airport, your relaxation haven is closer than ever, and visiting precisely with enough time to enjoy, heal and relax without thinking of rushing up your stay at Blue Lagoon Iceland, you’ll be glad you endured the Long flight. Its visiting hours run from about 7 am to 11 pm but on Christmas day, Boxing day, and New years eve, it runs from 8 am to 3 pm while on Christmas day and 6 pm on the other special days. These visiting days are subject to change and very close attention should be paid by you after completing preparations for your wonderful travels. And you do not need to worry about overcrowding, the blue lagoon is wide enough for everyone and it is very safe. Not to forget children below the age of 2 years are not allowed at the Lagoon.  A very particular and very unique season for a visit is the winter season because the Northern Lights become visible as you continue chilling in this hot spring.      

Golden Circle Iceland

The Golden Circle is a term used to describe the very popular tourist route to the most concentrated tourist-attracting areas in Iceland.

The Golden was gotten from the name “Gullfross” which means “Golden waterfall” and the “circle” from the geographical route of three primary stops in southern Iceland. Covering about 300 kilometres, looping from Reykavik into the southern uplands of Iceland and back, the Gullfoss waterfall, Pingvellir National Park, and the geothermal area in Haukadalur.

With several stops like watching the geysers in action at Geysir and Strokkur, to the very beautiful Skalholt Cathedral, the Kerio volcanic crater, the town of Hverageroi, the Nesjavallir and Hellisheioi geothermal power plants. For Us non-Icelandic who struggle with the pronunciations of these beauties, I’ll be breaking down on each tourist attraction so we focus on the scenery as we get accustomed to their names.


Commonly known as The Great Geysir was the first geyser known to modern Europeans and also to be described in a printed source. Capable of shooting out boiling water 70 meters to the sky. In recent times it is known to have stopped.


Located in the eastern part of Reykjavik beside the Hvita river, Strokkur is a fountain type geyser with eruptions height of 15-20 meters and sometimes up to 40 meters every 6-10 minutes. It is, of course, a natural geyser and it is known for its consistent eruptions even to date.

The Skalholt Cathedral

The Skalholt Cathedral is the Church of the Bishop with 25 stained glass windows, a very magnificent altarpiece, and several unique art pieces depicting Christian Symbols.

The Town of Hverageroi

This very lovely town is famous for its numerous greenhouses that use the geothermal heat gotten from the ground for its plant growth and production. Another very popular sight in the Hverageroi town is the Hot river in Reykjadalur. It is also known for its few available active hot springs that should be threaded with caution due to their unpredictable nature.

The Nesjavallir And Hellisheioi Geothermal Power Plants.

The location of Iceland on the Mid Atlantic Rift is the major reason for the volcanic phenomena and the heat a source of energy. The second largest lake in Iceland which is Lake Bingvallavatn is also a sight to behold with the Nesjavallir Geothermal Power Plant located across it. At Nesjavallir there are also very attractive locations that support hiking with extraordinary views and amazing geothermal areas.     

Located 11 km away from the Nesjavallir Geothermal power plant in Hengill is the third-largest geothermal power station in the world. With over 303 Megawatts of electricity and 133 Mwth of hot water for Reykjavik’s district heating, the very mighty power plant was built on a land surrounded by an active volcano, the Hengill Volcano, but it hasn’t erupted in over 2000 years.

The area is best for hiking, fat biking, and swimming as it has several hot springs in the area.

Iceland tourism

Large and expanding holes created by accident to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that have created the very magnificent and attractive Iceland. Iceland uniqueness resonates with the people to their food and hospitality. The various cuisines and very beautiful hotels to the man-made blue lagoon to glaciers and ice caps, steaming solfataras, whale watching, spouting geysers, magnificent volcanoes, marvellous waterfall to their very powerful geothermal plants and many more extraordinary sights.

Iceland Tourism is responsible for a 10% contribution to the GDP of the country. With 42% revenue to the country’s economy, Tourism in Iceland is here to stay for the people of Iceland and tourists.

With both natural and manmade breath-taking attractions to healing lagoons and a country of very supportive and happy people, Iceland tourism is one of the most compelling in the world.

Celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and even Kanye West have been drawn to this very remarkably distinguished scenery and of course, Hotels and resorts have built to keep up with the increasing number of tourists visiting Iceland and its extraordinary beauties.

Hotel Ranga is seamlessly one of the best places to view the very popular Northern Light, it is very popular for honeymoons and known to be the most luxurious resort in the capital city of Reykjavik.

The Boutique Golf Resort is the only Golf Resort in Iceland, situated at the Icelandair Hotel Hamar. Sitting on an 18-hole golf course and connected to pathways for exploration of the sceneries in the Hotel.

The Urban Boutique Resort located at the top of the tallest building in Reykjavik, The Tower Suites. After a vacation trip spent by Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her family and a recognition of the Tower Suites in her online magazine, the hostel was brought into fame. We are excitedly talking about shopping and enjoying the blissful view of Iceland.

Other Hotels and Resorts include; Hotel Grimsborgir which is the heart of the area at the Golden Circle.

Why not enjoy viewing the beautiful night in a large bubble-like tent at The Five Million Star Hotel.

Siglo Hotel is located in a place for all who love skiing. 

A hotel for vegan and vegetarian selections, we have theThe Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon.

In Iceland there’s a place, perfectly fitted for everyone.

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