The Secret Of Mauritius Island

The Secret Of Mauritius Island

Planning a trip to Mauritius Island? here in this short compelling guide, I will reveal the secret of Mauritius island which no one is talking about.

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, located off the South-East coast of the African continent. The county includes the Islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agaléga and St Brandon.

Mauritius comprises of more than 30 islands and islets, each known for its exquisite beauty. The common languages spoken are French and English through the native language of the Island is Creole and the currencies accepted on the Island are Mauritian Rupee and US Dollar.


Mauritius Island

This is an island reputed for its picturesque white-sand beaches which are surrounded by the stunning blue Indian Ocean, and the center of the island contains mountains and breathtaking scenery plus all-year-round sunshine. This Island takes your trip to be it a glamorous family getaway, honeymoon, business trips or leisure to the top. It offers a holiday destination for everyone especially honeymooners.


Port Louis mauritius
Port Louis

Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius is the main port and largest city. It is located in the North-West of the Island. It is a great place to experience authentic Mauritian culture. The city is always buzzing with activities during the day and it is full of cultural and historical treasures that shouldn’t be missed.

At the historical center of the city is the Place d’Armes which is surrounded by Bottle Palm Trees and several statues; the statue of one of the founding fathers of Mauritius can be seen here which is situated at the entrance (Statue of Mahe de la Bourdonnais).

Place d’Armes is also the main square connecting the seafront to the Government house. There are so many Historical sites in Port Louis and discovering them is like a treasure hunt. Have fun discovering them all!


Horse riding    



Walk with lion

Dolphins spotting and whale watching


Helicopter ride

Big game fishing



Cliff diving


Water skiing

Cave sea kayaking



Island hopping etc.


There is so much to explore and discover on Mauritius Island so I have decided to put together some useful tips to enable you to have magical moments with no regrets in your paradise destination.

Rent a car or use a Tour guide: personally, I would rent a car because it gives you enough freedom to visit the places you want and it is also a cheap option to mill around but remember you must have a valid (national) driving license.

Travel insurance: it is wise to use travel insurance when planning an international vacation and also this will help you cut down unexpected expenses on your trip to Mauritius.

Drive on the left: Mauritius drives on the left, so stay left.

Medications: diarrheal illness is the most common health issue that vacationers in Mauritius face so I advise you carry the appropriate medications.

No hike without a guide: always hire a guide when planning a hike to avoid getting stranded in dense jungles.

Honeymooners alert: if you want to enjoy honeymoon freebies during your honeymoon in Mauritius, do well to carry wedding cards that show the exchange of wedding vows within the last six months.

Best time to travel: May-December is the best time to visit Mauritius and enjoy the cool and pleasant weather

Drink tap water: since drinking tap water is absolutely safe in Mauritius, it is advisable you refrain from buying bottled water which will cost you a lot except you don’t mind.

Beach hackers: beware of beach hackers, be alert, and be safe!

Excursion local style: befriend locals and invite them to join you on your excursions. Locals are charged much lesser than tourists so this will enable you to enjoy excursions at a lower price.


Pack light cotton clothes and also light woolens to stay cozy. You also don’t want to forget to pack swimwear, flip flops, hats, sunglasses, dive shoes, insect repellants, beach bags, prescribed medicines, wipes, lip balms, tissues and oh yes, my favorite; a digital camera! I love pictures, don’t blame me.

Do well to carry appropriate dresses if you plan on visiting worship places.

Please stay safe, healthy and positive during this pandemic. We will get through this together, Stronger!

I can’t wait to see your pictures when it finally becomes possible for you to make this trip to Mauritius Island for a paradise adventure.

Share your experience in the comment box below if you have ever visited Mauritius or perhaps you are planning to visit there any time soon.!!

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