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Cruise Booking

Are you stressed or choked up with work and all lately? And you feel the need to get some air and take a break from work. Going on a vacation on a cruise is a great idea, you thought, but the process of online cruise booking seems to you somewhat complicated, stressful, and time-consuming. So that kinda puts off the exciting desire of cruising each time it pops up.

Cruise Booking

To book a cruise, you must start by knowing the best site to book one, that would save you the hassle. Before you search the best site to book a cruise, you must first know what you are looking for and the kind of cruise you would want to sail on. Using your search engine, you would be able to fish out the best cruise booking sites. Sites like TripAdvisor, Expedia, Avoyatravel, CruiseDirect, CruiseCritic, and to mention but a few. These sites offer you juicy deals with lots of incentives, complimentary trips, and other mouth-watering freebies.

Effect of COVID 19 on the cruise industry

The cruise industry has experienced fruitful times in recent years following the massive increase in customers. Reports from the industry’s organization that over 28.5million people went on a cruise in the year 2018, this alone gave a huge spark in the cruise industry revenue. Cruise ships are rated top vacation choice for lots of people, most especially for tourists, not until the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic that put a hold on all international travel and unnecessary trips in a bid to reduce and control the spread of the virus. This resulted in a huge downturn in the cruise industry.

The outbreak of COVID 19 has immensely disrupted all cruise operations thereby posing difficulties for cruise lines to attract customers and may most likely resort to shutting down. Here are some of the effects of COVID 19 on the cruise industry;

  1. Due to the damage and falling share value in the cruise industry, the cruise lines are left with no other choice but to scoop out a huge amount of money for refunds to customers for cancellation and incurred costs of docked ship maintenance.
  2. The massive shake in the cruise industry affected most tourist who lived off tourism.
  3. As a result of COVID 19, the cruise industry would have to collaborate with public health authorities to ensure the expansion of medical and facilities to scrutinize passengers coming on board.

Most expensive cruise ship

Giving the constant rise in demand of customers and the competitive nature of cruise ships on the market, the cruise lines thought it wise to make the passenger’s cruise experience worthwhile by creating more vacation offers onboard.

To meet the high demands of customers, the cruise industry invested over billions of naira to get more expensive and luxurious cruise ships into operation.

To meet the high demands of customers, the cruise industry invested over billions of naira to get more expensive and luxurious cruise ships into operation.

Another is the ” Oasis of the Sea”. This is rated the first most expensive in the Royal Caribbean International Oasis-class Cruise ships. This ship’s construction incurred about $1.4bn in Finland and it was launched in the year 2008.

Symphony of the Sea is yet another expensive cruise ship in the world currently. In fact, it is the world’s largest passenger ship that is currently in use. Its length measures 1188ft, width, 215.5ft, and 238ft in height. It has 18 decks and can comfortably accommodate 6,680 passengers and 2,200 crew members. It also features twenty- four swimming pools, water parks for kids, twenty-two quality restaurants, and rock-climbing walls about 43-foot.

Largest cruise ship

Cruise ships I would say are like floating hotels used for vacationing. They are equipped with mind-blowing amenities to give the passengers the best vacation experience ever. These cruise ships are built differently, with different accommodating capacities. Presently, the largest cruise ship is the “Symphony of the Seas”.

It debuts in 2018 by the cruise line as the world’s largest cruise ship because it has 228,081 registered tons. It is 238 feet tall and 1,188 feet long. It can hold 6,680 passengers and 2,200 crews. Its amenities include 24 swimming pools, 22 restaurants, water parks for children.

Carnival cruise ships

Talking about carnival cruise ships, cruise lines have about twenty-seven cruise ships currently in operation. Here we listed the different carnival cruise ships, from the newly constructed to the oldest. These ships come in different sizes, with different features/amenities which gives it it’s uniqueness.

The ” Carnival Panorama” is the first ship to be debuted on the West coast in December 2019. It is the newest cruise ship. It weighs 133,500 gross tons and can accommodate a maximum of 4,000 passengers.

The next is the “Carnival Horizon”. It was debuted in 2018 as the second newest carnival cruise ship. It is undoubtedly the largest ship in the Carnival fleet. With about 133,500 gross ton, it has the capacity to accommodate 3,960 passengers without any stress. Others include the Carnival Vista, 1Carnival Breeze, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Dream, Carnival Splendor, Carnival Liberty, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Sunrise, etc.

The Carnival Horizon cruise ship is one of the carnival’s newest ship. It features a family stateroom, family Harbor, spa staterooms with unlimited access to the spa’s thermal suites and so many other breathtaking spots. These cruise ships are specifically made to meet the taste of every guest coming on board.

Carnival Cruise Reservation

Most customers often lay complaints of how disturbing and frustrating it is to have to queue up in order to book an appointment or make reservations for any activities you would want to be part of, be it a spa treatment, fitness classes, or shore excursions. Yea, right! I understand the feeling of disappointment especially when you are not next in line and time is fast running out. You get frustrated whilst awaiting your turn. Well, the good news is cruise lines have considered expanding options for pre-online reservations through their website. Now, you can easily make a pre-booking online effortlessly.

  1. To make reservations for any activity online, you simply go to any of the cruise line pages/sites eg. Azamara club cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Crystal cruise, Carnival cruise line, etc.
  2. You sign up on any of their booking platforms.
  3. Click to book any activities ashore. You may also add a reminder for other events onboard.

Note: Pre-booking must be done 4days ahead after sailing off.

Carnival Cruise Price

Carnival ship charge by the number of passengers sailing onboard. Each cruise price charges an average cost of $79 per head in a day. So it solely depends on the number of passengers available. If you’ve got a family or you are vacationing with your family, then you will have to scoop out a little more from your pocket. And mind you, whatever charges covers all treats you’d be entitled to for the period of sailing.

Factors that influence carnival cruise price

Some of the factors that are likely to influence the cruise price are;

  1. Destination: Going to a place like Alaska, the price would definitely top-up. Destinations like this are in high demand and have few summer sailing season.
  2. Time: Another major factor is time. The time you’d pick for your vacation would tell a lot about the price. Festive periods like December holidays and summer breaks usually have higher price tags. So you must pick your time tactically if you budgeted little for your trip.

Carnival Cruise Deals

Getting amazing carnival cruise deals isn’t rocket science. What you must understand is that for you to get such deals, you must be patient as to waiting for the last minute to book your cruise. With lots of cruise ships carrying thousands of people almost every week to fun places all over the world, it can afford to reduce the rates of its cabin rather than sailing empty.

So at times like this, you can get a ticket a 70-80% less than it’s original price. You may also have to be conscious of your choice of date, accommodation, and destination, most importantly you should travel with a crowd.  Most carnival cruise ship cuts down prices to those who sail with a group of people in a cabin. It will be in your favor if you go cruising with your family.


With the little information shared in this article on cruise booking and carnival cruise ships, I am fully convinced that you have gotten one or two hints. Cruise booking wouldn’t be much of a stress anymore only if you look the right way. Picking a more suitable date and time to book a reservation or get a ticket, presents you with juicy deals and offers, giving  you a friendly, enjoyable and low budget vacation with family and friends.