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Schengen Visa

We make visa processing looks simple, with our expertise in the travel and tourism industry we are here to take off stress off you.

Canadian Visa

Canada they say is a dream country! why not make that dream come throug by processing your canadian visa from us with a 95% assurance.

America Visa

Visa to America can only be easy if you apply the simple the right. With our simple package, we can help you get there effortlessly in less than a month.

We are also good at these things too

Cheap Car rental

Cheap Car rental has always been a significant challenge in an industry where luxury cars are costly to purchase. Over the years with our tremendous experience in car renting, we have a strong business relationship with local and international car rental services by partnering with them, thus making us a certified travel agency for numerous car rentals.

Visa Assistance

Our dedicated team always tries to update with proper documentation guidance for visas,and also asisting clients to visit the respective country of their choice

Cheap Air Tickets

We have a strong business relationships with local and international associates and partners, making us a certified travel agency for numerous airlines

Holiday Packages

We offer cheap and afordable holidays packages and places to stay giving you an authentic experience within budget.

Cruise Booking

Our local and international partnerships with CRUISE companies enables us to offer numerous cheap Cruise options at competitive pricing.

Hotel Booking

We are known for the exclusive destinations we offer at competitive prices and high-end services which also sets us apart in the travel and tourism market.

We can help you with roundtrip holidays services

Visa Processing 90%
Holiday packages 85%
Hotel booking 75%
Car Rental 60%

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