Kruger Safari Guides 2020

Kruger Safari Guides 2020

Kruger Safari Guides 2020

Do you want to go for a vacation, in Kruger safari with a family, holiday, honeymoon, short trip? (Whatever it is you may call it). keep reading out our updated guides for 2020 to learn about Kruger’s safari wildlife. Where do you want to spend it?

Beach? Nah

5-star Hotels? Nah

Ship cruise? Nah

Somethingclosetonature? Um yeah……….

Safari? Yeah…I think so

Kruger Safari? Oh YES! KRUGER SAFARI!

Alright let’s go kruuuuuuuuuuger


Kruger National park is one of South Africa’s most popular and exciting tourist destinations. It is the oldest safari in Africa and one of the largest. It was previously known as the Sabie Game Reserve but in 1927, the Sabie Game Reserve and Shingwedzi Game Reserve were amalgamated and merged to become the Kruger Safari Park which was named after the effort of Paul Kruger (enough of the history right?)

The Kruger safari Park is home to all of the “BIG FIVE” (The Lion, Rhino, Buffalo, Elephant, and the Leopard) as well as more large mammals than any other game reserve in Africa. The park also houses 507 species of bird, 114 reptiles, 34 amphibians, 336 tree species (that’s a whole lot, you can say!) There is actually so much to look out for in a Kruger Safari beyond the big five and if you are an enthusiastic nature lover, then you find it hard leaving when you get there. There are also many cultural sites such as the Letaba Elephant museum, Albasini Ruins, Masorini (the evidence of early man history), Thulamela archeological site, Stevenson-Hamilton Memorial Library, etc.

The Kruger Safari complete guides offer a list of so many inexhaustible Kruger National Park Tours;

  1. Kruger National Park Half-Day Game Drive
  2. Kruger National Park Full Day Game Drive
  3. Kruger National Park Full-Day Safari Tour
  4. Kruger National Park Afternoon Sunset Safari Tour
  5. 4 Night Kruger Safari and Blyde Canyon
  6. 4-Day Kruger National Park Safari from Johannesburg and lots more

The Kruger safari park is also a wonderful choice for families, most lodges and camps in the park make good provision for children meaning a great safari for all. A Kruger safari trip is both educational and fun making it a prime safari destination for families.

Also, a Kruger safari offers you a great vacation on any desirable budget option of your choice and also if the lodges and camps are a bit expensive for you, you have the option of having a self-drive safari in the park and there are also plenty of affordable accommodation options ranging from self-catering chalets to budget-friendly B&Bs.


1. Go during the dry season if you can; though Kruger Safari is a year-round destination, it is recommended to visit during the dry season(Sep-Nov) as animals are easier to spot due to sparse vegetation making them have nowhere to hide and they will also be seen gathering around water holes. During the wetter season, there is greener vegetation making animals tougher spot but however, a wet season safari is equally enjoyable with the Kruger being transformed into a lush paradise.

2. Avoid the festive season

Prices get highly inflated because South Africans are on both summer and Christmas holidays and the roads inside the park may be busier than what you want.

3. It is best you get a recommended private guide if you can afford it, especially for your first day. Don’t be misguided, stay properly informed.

4. Educate yourself properly before going on a self-drive if you can’t afford a tour guide. You could get a wildlife book or watch documentaries like keeping up with the Kruger Tv series.

5. Have supervision such as binoculars or zoom camera lens to enable you to have a close-up view of animals

6. Get a wildlife book; it will help you identify animals more easily

7. Choose your accommodation wisely; go for accommodations closer to

animals you may love to see for example, if you are all for the game, its best you stay in the south and also decide if you want to camp within or outside the park.

8. Rent a vehicle that is comfortable; since you will be spending hours making a tour, you wouldn’t want to be squeezed inside the vehicle so place extra importance on comfort when renting a vehicle.

9. Use Twitter; follow the account “Latest Kruger” to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings and sightings within the camp.

10. Don’t piss off the Elephants.

11. If you plan on visiting Kruger safari with your kids, long game drives with small kids are not recommended so it is important then that you choose to stay in one of the main rest camps that cater to children. These inexhaustible rest camps have swimming pools and open space that is fenced and safe for children to run around in.

12. Go on every single safari ride you can and make the very best of your trip.



  1. Camera equipment
  2. Electrical adapters
  3. Binoculars
  4. Mosquitoes repellant
  5. Small backpack (you may check out our article on Best Travel Backpack)
  6. Sunscreen and sunglasses
  7. Flashlight or headlamp
  8. First-aid kit and medications (especially antimalarial medications)


  1. Intrepid Travel
  2. Peregrine adventures
  3. Amatungulu Tour
  4. Virgio Tours
  5. Cullinan  Guided Journeys
  6. G Adventures
  7. Southern Tours and Safaris
  8. Cosmos
  9. Endless Summer Tours
  10. Vivas safaris


Kruger Safari
Lions fighting

I know one question that kept probing your mind was “how safe is a Safari in Kruger? It is safe to go on a safari in Kruger. People you meet there are either tourists or staff working for tour operators, accommodations or park authorities. All these people are there to make sure you have a marvelous time. Though it is a malaria zone, preventive measures can be taken by wearing appropriate clothing and applying mosquito repellent. Also, do well to seek medical advice regarding antimalarial medication options and concerning wildlife viewing safety, as long as you keep to park rules and regulations, you will be fine.

With this definitive guide I believe, you would like to plan your next vacation in Kruger safari? perhaps you have visited there lately kindly share your experience by leaving a comment on the box.

How much is a safari in Kruger?

The average cost should be from 50$ per person per night depends on the seasons.

Is Kruger the best safari?

Kruger Safari is one of the best or I would say most preferable safari in Africa.
couple with their packages they have the best travel options.

Where is the best safari in South Africa?

Zambia’s South Luangwa is also one of Africa’s best walking safari destinations. In South Luangwa, you could find a large number of Giraffe and Buffalos.

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