Why Honeymoon in Bali?

When it comes to honeymoon destinations, Bali is quickly topping the list. Do you want to know why?

Bali is the Island of the gods! And if you are a fan of Greek mythology movies, you will agree with me that their blend of romance is always very exciting to look forward to.

Believe me when I say Honeymoon in Bali will be at the top of your honeymoon wish list before you get to the end of this post.


Bali is the most famous Indonesian Island known for its spectacular mountain scenery, iconic rice paddies, pristine bone-white sand beaches, and friendly Balinese people, and guess what?  It is also home to stunning black volcanic beaches courtesy of the active volcanoes that dot the island and the Indonesian Peninsula.


In addition to its inexhaustible characteristics, Bali boastfully has rich contemporary culture-it is famously artistic with myriad forms of traditional dance and handicrafts found nowhere else.


1. Honeymoon in Bali is a choose your own adventure kind of trip

There is something for every type of honeymooner. You could decide to have a relaxing beachfront vacation, an adventurous vacation, a cultural vacation, a private villa or suite jungle vacation, a party kind vacation to blow off the wedding stress, or just a 5-Star Bali resort vacation.

2. Bali gives limitless options of Places to visit

With so many different areas and a big Island that it is, one may get really overwhelmed on where to visit to have the best honeymoon. I would be writing in some different areas you are sure to get an amazing time.

  1. Ubud
  2. Uluwata
  3. Nusa Lembongan
  4. Nusa Dua
  5. Seminyak & Canggu and
  6. The Gili Island


Ubud is known as Bali’s art and culture capital, it is the ultimate place to enjoy various traditional performances. It has a lively art scene, a rich cultural atmosphere.

Also, it is popular as a calming lush jungle with hundreds of monkeys roaming around. The cool air, warm sunshine, chirpy birds, and the shady tree is sure to give you an unforgettable Zen experience making it a perfect honeymoon location.

Lastly, Ubud is heaven for vegans!


Here, you can have a relaxing beachfront vacation. It is a great place to have your honeymoon with its stunning beaches, cliff top views, and the Uluwatu temple. The aqua-blue waters, rolling waves, cold tropical drinks, and epic sunsets can’t help but make you feel so relaxed and at the same time, Uluwatu has some of the most amazing accommodation in the World.


These are three little islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air characterized by white-sand beaches fringed with swaying palms, horse-drawn carriages, and amazing sunsets.

With no motorized traffics, budget-friendly accommodations, and a serious laid down vibe, it is so impossible not to fall in love with the Gili Islands. You also get to see turtles swimming at turtle points in Gili Meno.

These are just but few exciting packages Bali is sure to offer to skyrocket your love. I wish you an amazing honeymoon. Don’t forget to drop a comment below if you find this article helpful.

Is Bali good for honeymoon?


Bali, known as Island of the gods gives honeymooners an endless romantic time together. From the romantic sunsets walks, to romantic candle light dinner to visiting tropical spas together and so many lovey-dovey activities to do with your spouse.

What is the climate like in Bali?

Bali has an all-year round agreeable tropical climate. It never get super-hot like in other South East Asian destinations and if you want an even cooler climate, the mountain retreats is another good option available.

Exotic scenery and picture-perfect for the Gram

Bali is beautiful, spectacular, colorful, breathtaking, just amazing in all ways you can think of! Taking shots against the backdrop of Bali’s enchanting landscapes is something every picture lover would put on a wish list!

Bali is budget-friendly

It caters for all kinds of budget be it back-packer or indulging in an ultra-splurge luxury honeymoon.
Your dream honeymoon, is Bali reality!

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