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Atican beach resort

Looking for the Best Resort in Lagos?

Atican beach resort in Lagos, is one of the best beachesyou can relax in a serene atmosphere with friends and family. Most people visiting Lagos for the first time are always left wondering how anyone could stay sane in this city.  They most likely make a mental note not to return to the urban city especially the late risers. The thought of waking up before the cockcrow is not one they are likely to give up yet if given a choice. Besides the notorious and crazy kind of life the city is known for, there are pristine top destinations known to shield people from the craziness when they need the break, one perfect getaway destination from the hustling city would be on a beach resort.

In this article, I will be writing on one of the best resorts in Lagos city no other but my favorite resort; Atican Beach Resort.

Atican beach resort is one of the best private beach resort that gives fun-seekers/casual adventurers a perfect getaway from the hustling and bustling of urban life. Atican beach is known for its clean beach, white sand, emerald green water and, serene ambiance. It is accessible from Abraham Adesanya Road, Okun, Ajah, Lagos.


Atican Beach facilities include a swimming pool, basketball court, a beach ball court, a snooker table, luxury style accommodation, playground for kids, therefore, making it suitable for a family hang-out.

There are also excellent restaurants and bars you can get excellent food and drinks from as bringing in food from outside is not allowed.

There are tents for rentals if you come in groups or to host parties.

Lodges are also made available for those who may want to stay overnight or plan to vacay.

Due to how great the beach is, it gets to be a little crowded during the weekends and festive season, so if you look forward to a really peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, you should head out there during the weekdays.

If you are known to be a life of the party person, then it may interest you to know that there is a clubhouse at Atican beach which opens up on Friday-Sunday.

Atican beach resort is one of the best resorts in Lagos that is sure to leave you with a unique and unforgettable experience.

Have you been to Atican Beach Resort? Would you say it is one of the Best Beach Resort? Drop a comment below.

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