5 tips to consider in 2020 before traveling

5 tips to consider in 2020 before traveling

This post will uncover the 5 essential tips you need to know before traveling, the 5th one will shock you. We have to ensure that you have taken vaccines prescribed by the doctor to ensure your safety while on travel. For example, yellow fever card, to ensure you don’t fall sick while on the journey. You may also want to check if your insurance policy is a comprehensive one that can cover your while on vacation. Also, make sure your credit card work’s abroad in other to avoid been stranded.

2. Ensure get vaccinations and fill prescriptions…

3. Stock your wallet.

4. Buy travel insurance.

5. Always ensure your passport and vis are up to date

Always ensure your passport and visa are up to date

5 tips to consider in 2020 before traveling

Often client’s passport and visa must have been expired before they plan for that trip. It’s advisable to check your international passport expiration date now, and visa validity before you prepare or even buy a flight ticket for that trip. Some countries like the United States of America require that your passport be valid for six months after your return date. Some of the reasons why clients forget to check their passport validity are because of overexcitement. Always make sure your passport has a validity of six (6) months. However, it’s crucial to have an idea about the standard visa from Nigeria Immigration.

Avoid travel warnings and advisories

Research whether the U.S. government has issued a travel alert for countries with short-term conditions that may pose a threat to travelers, for your next destination. However, travel insurance policies will not cover travel to countries that are under travel warnings.

When should you buy travel insurance

5 tips to consider in 2020 before traveling

I always advise my clients to purchase their insurance plans within a specified number of days (usually 7-14 days) after making a deposit. After much better research, we discovered that buying travel insurance as soon as possible is essential in avoiding some standard insurance ‘loopholes’. Often your comprehensive health insurance plan may not cover your trip abroad, and this all depends on the insurance company you enroll on. You may want to buy an emergency and medical insurance for your trip.

Stock your wallet before traveling

Stock your wallet before traveling

Stock your wallet before travelling

Stock your purse before traveling to save your self from unwanted stress. Ensure you verify if your card can be used for the international transaction as not to get stuck. It’s advisable you get in touch with your bank to inform them about the country you are visiting. Else your ATM could be declined due to security restrictions, as this international transaction may seem fraudulent and suspicious.

Bank draft and cheque are not acceptable internationally except you have a branch of your bank in the country which may not be available most times. However, this can be a little bit hectic especially in some developing countries. I would advise my clients to use an ATM card instead, which can be found everywhere in most exotic destinations. If you can mastermind the numeric keys of the ATM’s machine placement as many of them may not be placed in a way we are used to but the arrangement is the same worldwide. The most transaction comes with an international transaction fee, usually charged in Dollars depends on the countries.

Consider to put down your ATM card number somewhere for backup purposes. Know the names to use to contact your company while you are on holiday. A toll-free number may not work in the USA as this attracts international fees.

Importance of vaccinations and yellow fever card

Importance of vaccinations and yellow fever card

Make sure you undergo vaccinations and obtain your yellow fever card. Find out time to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to find out how to undergo a health check and vaccination requirements for your next destination. It would be best if you got a required dosage maximum six weeks before departure to fortify you ahead of time especially when you are traveling to a country where the disease is rampant.

Consider taking these actions seriously no to be vulnerable, seek medical advice.

Visiting the CDC website is a smart way to check for information regarding the best practices to follow, also the making sure you find out what to eat and drink while on holidays.

Pack more than enough medicine to last your trip, as it may be challenging to get your prescription filled abroad.

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What to do before going on a trip?

1. Buy travel insurance; Its always important to buy a comprehensive travel insurance

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