11 Top-Rated Things You Can Do In Lagos, Nigeria

Visiting Lagos anytime soon? Here are the eleven top-rated things to do in Lagos. Popularly referred to as the city that never sleeps, Lagos houses quite a lot of unique features that make it stand out.

Being of the busiest cities in Nigeria, there are several tourist attractions and activities that would leave you with a ‘no dull’ moment.

Due to its proximity to the ocean, the city offers you several stretches of beach land and getaway opportunities that would make your stay worthwhile. 

From luxury apartments to art galleries, clubhouses, exquisite restaurants and more, here are the top ten fun things you can do in Lagos.

11 Top-Rated Things You Can Do In Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos city

Top 11 Fun Things To Do In Lagos

Lagos is known to be a megacity that‘s full of life. There’s always a lot to do in the city but for this article, we’re going to mention a few of them.

We have carefully selected the top eleven fun things you can do in Lagos, the next time you visit.

Check them out!

1. Visit The Beaches

If you’re looking to get away location to a city that’s warm and sunny with plenty of sandy beaches and proper entertainment options, then Lagos, Nigeria should be on your list.

There are options for private beaches if you don’t want to be in a crowded place. From Elegushi Beach to more adventure-oriented ones like La Campagne Tropicana Resort, Ilashe Beach, and many more.

There are several fun activities you can get to on the beach while you enjoy the beauty of nature and the serenity.

You can visit the beach with your friends and family.

2. Get Adventurous At The Lekki Conservation Centre

One of the most adventurous activities you can get involved in when you visit Lagos is taking a walk on the longest canopy walkway in West Africa. You can find it at the Lekki Conservation Center.

If you’re a lover of nature, then this place would get your attention. This location is a tranquil oasis of peace, nature, and wildlife tucked inside one of the world’s most congested cities.

Isn’t that amazing?

For a special treat, you can brave through the longest canopy walkway in Africa. This walk will allow you to experience the forest from a different and more visible angle.

3. Get Acquainted with African Culture and Afro Beats at New Afrika Shrine (Fela Shrine)

The New Afrika Shrine (Fela Shrine) is one of the top entertainment spots in Lagos that offers you rich African music. The open-air entertainment centre is a centre for fun, vibe and good music.

Located in Ikeja, at the Fela’s former house, the facility houses a museum that gives you a detailed story of Fela’s music, activism, and unusual lifestyle.

The Shrine pays homage to the legendary Nigerian Afrobeat musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Afrobeat music.

If you want to see a full display of Afrobeat music, visit Lagos during the annual Felabration festival. 

4. Experience African Art At The Nike Art Gallery

Your visit to Lagos would be incomplete without getting acquainted with African Art. Founded by the legendary Oyenike Okundaye, the Nike Art Gallery contains an art gallery, an artist retreat and workshop, and a home rolled into one.

If you’re a sucker for arts, then this place is for you. This spot has become one of the top spots for tourists and locals. At the Gallery, you’ll find artists of different kinds.

From sculptors to craftsmen with a full display of their work. Guess what? You don’t need any amount to visit the place.

5. Get Updated On The History Of Slavery At The Freedom Park

Freedom Park is a cultural hub located on Lagos Island. The park houses a food court, a gallery, a museum, and various cultural and recreational events on a regular and annual basis. 

You’re in for a great time at this spot because of the fun activities going on at the park. Some annual events like Adire Heritage Carnival, Eko Theatre Carnival and more are held in this spot.

6. Go Down History Lane In Badagry Town

If you want to know about the history of the slave trade, colonialism, and tragic incidents that took place during the colonial era, the historic town of Badagry is the place to be.

One trip to Badagry will leave you speechless as you’re shown the state of Nigerians during the colonial era. It’s one of the top tourist centres in Nigeria.

Your trip will be incomplete if you don’t visit the beautiful beaches and a display pf palm trees in the historic town of Badagry.

7. Visit Restaurant To Try Some Local Nigerian Food

Nigeria is famous for it’s Jollof Rice and you’ll get a delicious bowl of that dish and more in Lagos. 

The street food in Lagos will leave you asking for more as they’re nothing short of amazing but you have to walk to a local to show you the best places to eat.

From Suya to Akara, puff puff, roasted plantain and more, exploring different options will be fun.

You can also get access to other traditional dishes in several amazing restaurants. Remember, variety is the spice of life so feel free to try different meals.

8. Visit The Malls

One of the places to meet new places to meet people, get some groceries and do some shopping in the mall. There are several malls in Lagos (Mainland and Island). 

Your Google Map will direct you to the closest mall around you. Also, you can get to interact with the locals at the mall.

9. Enjoy The Nightlife

Ever heard the phrase, “Lagos never sleeps”. This is so true about the city. The nightlife in Lagos will be one of the highlights of your visit as the city keeps beaming with fun activities in the late hours of the day.

From the nightclubs to bars lined up on different streets, the nightlife is Lagos shows you a bubbly side of the city.

Also, you can enjoy delicious street foods like Akara, Suya and more at night.

10. Increase Your Knowledge of Music At The Jazzhole Bookstore

The Jazzhole Bookstore is one of the classiest places to be in the city of Lagos. At the store, you’ll find a fascinating line of books about African music and culture.

You can also get access to a live musical performance that will serenade you. There’s also a cafe where lovely caffeinated drinks are being served.

11. Visit The National Theatre

The National Theatre, Iganmu is one of the popular monuments in Lagos and Nigeria. It represents a proper display of Nigeria as a whole and it’s culture.

The world-class venue is filled with history and has halls for live stage theatre performances that will entertain you.

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